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B + R Logistik AG – the specialist in shipment, distribution & direct marketing

The term ‘logistics’ is used above all by forwarding agents for transportation and storage. But logistics goes much further. 

Logistics means end-to-end organisation, control, deployment and optimisation of processes for the flow of goods, data, energy, money and passengers/persons in a system.

Within this broad spectrum, we have concentrated on the processes for the flow of goods and data, which are very wide-ranging in their application in goods distribution. We have the know-how and the contacts. We are there where the infrastructure fails. We step in wherever a bottleneck occurs.

Since the organisation and implementation of goods distribution is very individual, usually due to the existing processes from suppliers, warehousing and target groups, we see our task as being to take on and customise the areas that are not part of the core business of a trading company or which the company itself does not want to carry out.

We understand our service as a tailored, flexible solution – either as a complete bundle or subdivided into any number of combinations. You select the areas you want to entrust us with.

In this way, you remain flexible and can keep your infrastructure as large or as small as you think fit – with cost-effective, professional and predictable handling.

Companies and ownership structure:


B+R Logistik AG,
St. Gallen / Switzerland

B+R Logistik GmbH, Bregenz / Austria




Hans Peter Blank

Martin Rimensberger

Your contacts

Hans Peter Blank

IT analyst / programmer

over 30 years of experience in
the development of database / mail order software for mid-range and client server systems

Martin Rimensberger

Graduate in business administration

over 30 years of experience in the development and organisation of international
logistics concepts