Your customers, your capital – They demand the best support!

Call Centers / Customer Service

Inbound point of contact – with local language and dialect

Your customer must feel at home!

For questions about products or rectification of irregularities, the customer prefers the local language. In Switzerland, this means Swiss German, French and Italian.

And he wants to talk to someone who identifies with your products and takes problems seriously.

Training – Monitoring – Control!

Basic training of at least one of our customer service representatives at your company is essential in order to become acquainted with your range of products and services. The call center is set up at our premises in such a way that we are always able to follow conversations and can give advice or instructions for improvements when dealing with the customer.

Order acceptance 

Is it technically possible to remotely connect to your trading software over the Internet?

Do you prefer a solution with our mature and tried-and-tested mail order solution with country-specific specialties?

We will be happy to find the best solution with you so that your orders can be processed and delivered quickly and efficiently. 

All orders - whether they arrive by phone, by mail, by fax or email - will be processed by us with the highest priority.

Customer service

Our experienced customer service staff are well trained to receive requests or irregularities in a friendly manner and to respond quickly, if necessary with clarification with your specialist departments.

Catalogue requests

If catalogues, instructions for use, samples or "give-aways" are requested by customers or interested parties in writing or by telephone, we can process them directly from the customer service and dispatch them on the same day. For larger quantities we process the requests from one of our warehouses.

Offer your customers the best!

Ask for an offer.