Switzerland - your test country, your branch office, your head office?

Company representation

Do you plan to extend your mail-order district?

Switzerland is suitable, in many respects, as your first expansion into the mail-order trade.
This market can be calculated with good margins and does not require any major language adjustments to existing German catalogues. The purchasing power is sizeable and test consignments are manageable. In the same market, meaningful tests can be run for a planned extension to other language areas when taking the decision to extend to France or Italy.

We can professionally assist you in generating the most up-to-date and precise Swiss address lists.

Do you need a contact point in Switzerland  for your customers?

Do you already receive orders from Swiss addresses?

Do you plan to provide this customer with a contact point (by mail, by phone)?

We will provide you with a professionally supervised sub-address at our company
headquarters in St. Gallen.

Are you planning a head office in Switzerland?

Wir betreuen Sie von A bis Z:
  • Company formation with articles of incorporation
  • Tax representation
  • Company address
  • Tax advice
  • Financial bookkeeping 
  • Obtaining permits
  • Financial statements
  • Insurance
  • Secretarial work
  • Telephone assistance
  • etc.

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