Perfectly organised - from deliveries to handling of returns!

Goods distribution

Delivery of parcels and general cargo shipments

In every European country we have our partners who deliver every shipment to your customer in the shortest possible time. Thanks to Track & Trace, we can track your shipment and react immediately if something is not running smoothly. We deal with irregularities and search for the best solution for you in the event of damage in transit or loss of goods.

Deliveries to Switzerland

For general cargo and parcel shipments from other countries, we can ensure next working day delivery for all areas of Switzerland from customs clearance onwards.

We also deliver shipments within Switzerland on the next working day as part of normal distribution.

Express shipments can be delivered on the same day if received in the morning.

If night delivery is necessary as part of a concept, we will pick up the goods by late afternoon and deliver them during the same night, all over Switzerland.

Scheduled deliveries & floor deliveries

We can arrange and manage scheduled deliveries throughout Europe.
If, for example, a construction site is not yet ready to receive your product or if the customer wishes to receive several consignments as one consignment, we can temporarily store the goods in each country and deliver them on the desired date.

In Switzerland, we can also deliver goods to a specific floor, subject to a price surcharge. Other countries on request.

Goods handling at events or trade fairs

Events and trade fairs often close at a late hour on Saturdays and Sundays. Then everything has to be dismantled. This means that it is necessary to ship the goods away at the most impossible times, since they would otherwise be left unattended somewhere, damaged or stolen.

We can transport the goods from the exhibition site, because for us even impossible times are possible.

Ecology in delivery

In Switzerland there is a ban on night journeys for HGVs. This means that late-delivered goods are left behind during the night and can only cover large distances in the morning. Our goods are assembled and loaded onto trains in the evening, reach the hub closest to the place of destination during the night and are already available early the next morning for local distribution in the region. In addition, rail transportation emits significantly less CO2 than road transport.

Returns handling in the EU

Do you need a point of contact for returns? In which country?
Offer your customers the possibility of sending back returns at the most affordable country rate.

We accept the returns, identify, check, record, and create the messages you need and collect them until there are enough to warrant their return to the main warehouse.

Returns handling in Switzerland and export

In addition to EU handling, we prepare customs clearance and carry out export and import into the EU, together with transportation to your warehouse

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