Genuine manual work – warehouse management, monitoring & finishing (upgrading)

Goods handling


You determine in which country and which region your products are stored.

Long-term storage is only a question of (storage) capacity.

It is more complex when goods from X number of suppliers are delivered, identified, checked and processed today, and the individual shipments have to be sent out again today correctly, anywhere in Europe. This is our daily work.


In order to keep your capital commitment to warehouse goods as low as possible, increasingly in the trade, the only items being taken into stock are those with a quick turnaround. Just-in-time is hence introduced for the other items! The manufacturer stocks the item and guarantees delivery times. 

If the end customer orders items originating from different manufacturers, upon request we collect the deliveries until all the items can be delivered as a complete consignment.
Delivery on a scheduled date? No problem!

Finishing (upgrading)

We carry out product handling in each of our warehouses:

  • Quantity control
  • Control of quality and completeness
  • Label goods - prepare packages, make them transportable with cushioning material
  • Attach or insert invoices or delivery notes
  • Insert instructions in the language of the recipient
  • Convert power plugs to the customary plug 
  • Assemble kits or campaigns and screw on components
  • Repair items - package 3-D-mailings
  • Put catalogues with inserts into envelopes
  • Put mailings into envelopes, mechanically or manually
  • Carry out work according to your instructions

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