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Collecting from suppliers

No matter where your suppliers make your products available for you, on pallets or as parcels, we pick them up on schedule and bring them to our warehouse, for distribution or delivery. Palletised or individually - as defined in the overall concept.

Domestic delivery point for suppliers

Smaller manufacturing companies prefer their products to be delivered within their respective country, as they would like to keep administration in distribution to a minimum. They often have their own means of transportation, which can only deliver within a limited radius.

In each country we have collection points. There the delivered goods are checked for damage, identified, and split up according to country of delivery and end customer and provided with a delivery note or invoice. Goods delivered in a damaged state are not accepted, so that the end customer receives flawless goods.

    Transporte within the EU and to Eastern Europe

    We have built up a network of various tried and tested hauliers that meet our quality requirements. With this network, we are able to cover all destinations in Europe.

    Transportation to Switzerland

    We distinguish between direct and groupage transportation:
    Direct transportation operates individually from any point in Europe with single window customs clearance to Switzerland.
    Groupage (general cargo and individual packages) is put together in Southern Germany and brought to Switzerland every working day overnight and cleared.

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