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International shipper
of sports goods

Handling for Switzerland

International shipper 
of raw and natural food

Handling for Switzerland

International supplier
of work clothes 

Supply for Switzerland

Logo VEBRA GmbH - B+R Logistik

Online shop for sanitary ware

Delivery for Switzerland

Logo Udo Bär - B+R Logistik

International shipper of office and business equipment

Handling for the following countries
Switzerland, Austria, France, Benelux and Eastern EU States, as well as special cases for Germany

Logo Orbis - B+R Logistik

Wholesaler in business equipment

Handling for Switzerland and the Netherlands

Logo Inveco - B+R Logistik

International manufacturer of vans and trucks

Handling for Switzerland and Austria 

International consultancy fir for development, production, marketing, distribution and after-sales service

Handling for Switzerland

Logo Nokia - B+R Logistik

International manufacturer of mobile phones 

Handling for Switzerland